[ODE] dIASSERT in SAFECONTACT when working with dCylinder2

Sergey Beloshitsky sergey at rostok-games.com.ua
Mon Jan 31 15:07:34 MST 2005

Hi, All!

I've compiled ODE with dCylinder2 support but when running my program i 
receive assertion failed in SAFECONTACT function
// Fetches a contact
inline dContactGeom* SAFECONTACT(int Flags, dContactGeom* Contacts, int 
Index, int Stride){
dIASSERT(Index >= 0 && Index < (Flags & 0x0ffff)); <---- here is the assert
return ((dContactGeom*)(((char*)Contacts) + (Index * Stride)));

can someone tell me what imust do to disable assertion failed messages?

I noticed that when max_contacts(that passed into dCollide function) 
increased all goes right but not 100% of time, i mean that sometimes 
this assert triggers, where can be the problem?

Шукай в телефоні мій слід...

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