[ODE] Re: Jitters and GeomTransforms

Chris Calef chrisc at garagegames.com
Mon Jan 31 13:20:15 MST 2005

Hey Matt,

If you're "jitters" are what I think they are, it sounds exactly like a 
problem I just had -- my advice is to scale everything up about ten 
times, at least.  I found all kinds of problems with a ragdoll that was 
scaled in such a way that many of the parts were only ten cms or so, and 
nothing worked right, the joints were stiff, friction didn't work, 
collision detection was all crazy.  That's what caused my "jitters" -- 
it was detecting tons of collisions that shouldn't have happened.  I 
made the thing ten times bigger and all the problems went away, and the 
guy looked like he suddenly had some mass to work with.

good luck with it!
chris calef

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