[ODE] My compiles never work

Vrej Melkonian vmelkon at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 19:37:29 MST 2005


When I compile ODE myself, I always have problems.
I'm under windows, VC++6 SP5

In Test_trimesh :

the objects that are suppose to fall on the trimesh
simply pass through it and also pass through the

In Test_movingTrimesh :
ALL objects pass through the bunnies but collide with
the floor. When I drop another trimesh (in the
console, it says experimental), it falls through

These can;t be bugs cause using ode.dll from someone
else, it worked.
The other demoes work, exept for ode_collision that
gets a ODE INTERNAL ERROR 0 messagebox and aborts.

I'm also experiencing some new problem now. The demoes
don't respond to user input on my development system
(Win2k SP4). The graphics run normal, but it's as if
the UI part doesn't respond. I get a hourglass mouse.

On Win98 with an old Geforce2.

It;s as if behavior changes on how I compile this
thing. Are these compiler related problems?


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