[ODE] transform geom collision question

Chris Calef chrisc at garagegames.com
Mon Jan 17 16:53:48 MST 2005

Hello to all you ODE experts!

I've been using ODE for a while, but only just now had to start using 
transform geoms .  I'm making a ragdoll simulation, and I need it to 
resolve  collisions against itself.  I have written an "areConnected()" 
function that disqualifies all collisions between bodyparts which should 
be touching each other when the body is in a normal position (i.e. those 
parts that are connected or very close to each other).  However, 
dSpaceCollide is reporting tons of collisions between bodyparts that are 
nowhere near each other.

I'm suspecting that this is probably related to my unfamiliarity with 
transform geoms -- I'm using SetInfo(1) as that seems to be the only 
thing that makes sense, and it does seem to work in terms of collision 
with the ground, etc., but the ragdoll twitches and bounces all over the 
place as a result of unexpected collisions with itself.  ("Ragdoll 
getting tasered!")  Any advice that could clear me up on how to use 
transform geoms effectively would be _most_ appreciated!!

Chris Calef

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