[ODE] works fine in windows but doesnt move in linux!

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Fri Jan 14 14:21:11 MST 2005

Brian Stancil wrote:
> I have a simple simulation that runs smoothly in windows (collisions and
> dynamics). However the same simulation, compiled under linux does not seem
> to timestep.
> I know there are not many details here, but has anyone had this specific
> problem? The code is identical between the two platforms. I am including all
> of the same libraries in the builds.

I can't think of much that could cause this.  (I find no
essential ODE difference between win32 and linux.)  The only
thing I can think of is that, for example, one is built
with 'single' and the other with 'double' precision maths,
but they both think that dReal is 'double'... that sort of

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