[ODE] Convex collision testing

tritzerhansen-scifi@yahoo.com tritzerhansen-scifi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 11:50:39 MST 2006


I haven't used ODE before, and I have some questions about Convex
collision testing.

First of all, I've noticed that ODE doesn't handle collision detection
between Convex geoms and either Box or Trimesh geoms.  Are there any
plans to provide that kind of support in ODE in the near future?

Second, in the meantime, I assume that I'll need to resort to using
Trimesh geoms with data that could actually be handled as Convex geoms
since the data set that I'm using has both convex and non-convex
geometry.  So, I was curious about the performance penalty. 
Specifically, assuming that I wanted to test collisions between objects
that are truly convex, would it be noticeably slower to do collision
detection using Trimesh vs. Trimesh rather than Convex vs. Convex in
those cases?


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