[ODE] Convex collision testing

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Thu Sep 28 12:48:37 MST 2006

tritzerhansen-scifi at yahoo.com wrote:

>I haven't used ODE before, and I have some questions about Convex
>collision testing.
>First of all, I've noticed that ODE doesn't handle collision detection
>between Convex geoms and either Box or Trimesh geoms.  Are there any
>plans to provide that kind of support in ODE in the near future?
I am working on it right now, I cannot give you dates since I am not 
exactly idle and available to work on it

>Second, in the meantime, I assume that I'll need to resort to using
>Trimesh geoms with data that could actually be handled as Convex geoms
>since the data set that I'm using has both convex and non-convex
>geometry.  So, I was curious about the performance penalty. 
>Specifically, assuming that I wanted to test collisions between objects
>that are truly convex, would it be noticeably slower to do collision
>detection using Trimesh vs. Trimesh rather than Convex vs. Convex in
>those cases?
I really dont have the answer since I dont know exactly how trimeshes 
work internaly (though I asume some
sort of per triangle collision check must be done somewhere), and convex 
collision code is not mature enought to do performance
comparison tests other than convex-sphere and trimesh-sphere.

I would expect, however, the convex-convex code to do at the very least 
slightly better than trimesh-trimesh.

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