[ODE] cylinder plane bug

Tomek Klin klinikk at o2.pl
Wed Sep 20 08:14:58 MST 2006

>> I was founded another bug. If whole cylinder is under plane then this
>> fall forever.
>> this is fix to this bug
>> www.klinik.freehost.pl/download/collision_cylinder_plane.cpp

> Hmmm... this may be a controversial one:
> Personally, I think that the current behaviour of not generating
> contact points if the whole cylinder is behind the plane is the
> desirable behaviour.

> If you start to 'rectify' the position of a geom that is far
> below a plane, then huge forces are put on the body to get it
> above the plane. I think that this will make the simulation
> unstable, and it is better to let the body keep on falling.

Ok, i understand

Tomek Klin

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