[ODE] cylinder plane bug

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Wed Sep 20 11:10:40 MST 2006

Bram Stolk wrote:

> Hmmm... this may be a controversial one:
> Personally, I think that the current behaviour of not generating
> contact points if the whole cylinder is behind the plane is the
> desirable behaviour.

Sorry.... I got this one wrong....

It turns out that capsules, boxes and sphere slowly float
upwards towards the groundplane if they are below.

Apparently this is standard ode behaviour, and cyls should
mimic that.

> If you start to 'rectify' the position of a geom that is far
> below a plane, then huge forces are put on the body to get it

Apparently, this is not happening.

Sorry for confusing you lot :-)


> above the plane. I think that this will make the simulation
> unstable, and it is better to let the body keep on falling.
>    Bram

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