[ODE] Graphics engine

Doron Tal dtal at email.arc.nasa.gov
Fri Oct 28 12:23:16 MST 2005

Georg Martius wrote:

>Hi folks,
>Which graphics engine can you recomment in conjunction with ODE. I mean the 
>drawstuff library is somewhat basic and I was wondering if there are other 
>nice libs out there which are particular easy to use with ODE, but support 
>features like shadows on all objects textures and so on.
OpenInventor (or the open-source community's Coin3d, which is a drop-in
replacement for the library).  It's the greatest, and has so many uesful 
like part selection, viewers, manipulators, engines, and data-structures 
as triangle-strip-set for speeding up rendering.  It's built on top of  
OpenGL and
is really easy to get started with and run.  The SGI library sources, which
are available online, are also some of the best C++ source code I've seen
anywhere, and I assume the Coin3D version would only be an improvement
on that.  There's also open-scene-graph, but it's not nearly as filled 
with features
or as good, at least not yet..


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