[ODE] complex object=geoms cant be attached so...?

Guillaume Jouffroy oxymore at tele2.fr
Wed Oct 12 13:13:40 MST 2005

Oh I see what you mean. I still cant usually make the difference between 
the rigidbody
and the physical object in the world. I practice ODE since well not 
long. That's what disturb me
often the most.
You mean I make one rigidbody, "add" 2 geoms to it as the 2 "physical 
objects" needed between
the wheel and the chassis. Is that right ?
Then there is something I cant figure out:
where the joints will be linked  ? (even if attached to the rigidbody)
To the center of mass of the closest geom ? To the center of the mass of 
the rigidbody ?
(which is bad right ? cos it wont give the needed behavior)

I have started to build a kind of course for ode. Hope beginners will 
find it helpfull.
I still need some teachers to complete my formation ;-)


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