[ODE] complex object=geoms cant be attached so...?

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Oct 11 15:00:21 MST 2005

Things that are fixed WRT each other with no intervening joints should 
be modeled as a single rigid body, with some number of geoms added to it 
to make it collide right. So, in this case, you will have three bodies:

1) the wheel
2) the link assembly (two shafts)
3) the chassis

There's a joint from chassis to linkage, and a joint from linkage to wheel.

The linkage is a single rigid body, with two geoms added to it.


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Guillaume Jouffroy wrote:
> Geomtransform gives us the possibility to do a combination of geoms to 
> have a complex object.
> Not really...
> Imagine this SOOoo simple situation:
> I got a wheel ('O'), I got an axe, I make a hinge between both
> No problem till now.
> Now suppose I want an horizontal rigidbody('---') which should be fixed 
> to the physical axe.
> Then this rigidbody should be fixed to a vertical rigidbody('|'). This 
> last rigidbody has to be attached to an hinge ('*') to
> an other rigidbody ('-----------') which serves as chassis like this :
> -----------
>         *           O---|
> Its typical for a passive wheel on some robots. To connect the axe to 
> the horizontal rigidbody or the horizontal one
> to the vertical one, it is not recommended to use fixed joint, as we can 
> see on the documentation. I cant even do
> geoms to build the vertical part with the horizontal one and the
> axe as a whole, because then i wont be able to attach that to the 
> hinges, as we cant attach geoms to joints...
> :X
> I got an headache to know how i can build this SOOoo simple 
> configuration. If you have any idea, then I'll probably make a tuto for
> all to understand how to build up structures, and will give that to 
> Russ. Mailing list is cool but tutos are what miss the most to ode.
> Oh pls lord, find me a genius who can answer to me !!!    :D
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