[ODE] complex object=geoms cant be attached so...?

Guillaume Jouffroy oxymore at tele2.fr
Tue Oct 11 22:11:14 MST 2005

Geomtransform gives us the possibility to do a combination of geoms to 
have a complex object.
Not really...
Imagine this SOOoo simple situation:
I got a wheel ('O'), I got an axe, I make a hinge between both
No problem till now.
Now suppose I want an horizontal rigidbody('---') which should be fixed 
to the physical axe.
Then this rigidbody should be fixed to a vertical rigidbody('|'). This 
last rigidbody has to be attached to an hinge ('*') to
an other rigidbody ('-----------') which serves as chassis like this :


Its typical for a passive wheel on some robots. To connect the axe to 
the horizontal rigidbody or the horizontal one
to the vertical one, it is not recommended to use fixed joint, as we can 
see on the documentation. I cant even do
geoms to build the vertical part with the horizontal one and the
axe as a whole, because then i wont be able to attach that to the 
hinges, as we cant attach geoms to joints...

I got an headache to know how i can build this SOOoo simple 
configuration. If you have any idea, then I'll probably make a tuto for
all to understand how to build up structures, and will give that to 
Russ. Mailing list is cool but tutos are what miss the most to ode.
Oh pls lord, find me a genius who can answer to me !!!    :D

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