[ODE] Objects falling through the floor

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How small is your timestep, and how large is the actual movement of the world at the point where it intersects the sphere? Chances are, when the sphere is far from the center, the world tilts enough that it teleports the sphere from one side to the other in a single step, and thus miss the penetration. This is because tri-meshes are infinitely thin, not infinitely thick like planes.


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I have a system where you tilt the entire world, and maneuver a sphere 
around it. What ends up happening is the sphere will end up falling 
through the floor (usually by tilting the world to a sever degree, and 
then snapping it back in the opposite direction). I'm not tilting the 
world to rapidly, in my opinion. Has this been a problem in the past? I 
am, admittedly, using ODE 0.039 (I use Lisp on a Mac, and upgrading is 
a hassle, because I need to build a framework). Is this a known problem 
that has been fixed in 0.5, or a later code update?



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