[ODE] Re: ODE (and mainly OPCODE) for 64bits

Frederic Marmond zebarbuc at free.fr
Fri Jan 21 08:58:24 MST 2005

Ok, so, I think I'll try to get time to make the port.
By the way, I think I'll introduce a new typedef for that pointer-offset. It
will be easier in the futur to track it and identify it as a offset.
May I try to do specific 64bit code (#ifdef SYS64 offset=pointer-base; # else
offset=pointer #endif) to avoid inutile computation on 32bits system, or would
this 'offset system' be used by both 32 and 64 arch ?

Pierre: may I work with the ODE cvs, or is there a OPCODE cvs somewhere?
(or, if I make patches against the ODE-opcode, will you port it to the current
OPCODE dev sources?)

But don't expect me to make it before few weeks... it is a busy time for
everyone! :-/


Selon Pierre Terdiman <pierre.terdiman at novodex.com>:

> >(the base+offset may work if you allocate all your needed memory at
> once
> Err, yes, of course all nodes are "allocated" from a single continuous
> buffer :)
> - Pierre

Fred Marmond

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