[ODE] testbuggy in opengl performer

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How did you convert the quaternions between ODE and Performer? Beware that ODE stores the "w" component FIRST in the quaternion.


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  My simulation is between a car and a box, standing.

  A car runs to a box with speed, 

  after colliding, the box will bounce or something.

  I use testbuggy (change a little) in opengl performer.

  I printed the positoin and rotation of the box, body_g.
  P = dBodyGetPosition( body_g );
  pfQuat pq(qu[1],qu[2],qu[3],qu[0]);
  In ODE, it works well, 

  but when I use the same function in my OpenGL Performer program, 

  it jumps and crazily rotate.

  Instead of drawstuff simLoop function, 

  I use do... while Loop. 

  What's wrong?

  Please help me!!


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