[ODE] Sphere/trimesh collision question

Chris Ledwith cledwith at d-a-s.com
Wed Jan 12 14:34:32 MST 2005

> I was actually using planes previously, but now my room isn't a perfect
> rectangle. Thanks anyway.
> Farshid Lashkari
> Software Engineer
> WorldViz LLC

You could still use planes if your room is convex (i.e. from any vertex of
the room, can you get to any other vertex without leaving the room). If
you had multiple rooms, you'd need each room and it's interior objects in
a separate collision space.


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> If you use planes instead of the trimesh they have infinite depth, so
> the
> collision is guaranteed.  The drawback is the lack of variety of things
> you
> can model with them. Walls and flat ground work fine, everything else is
> not
> so good.

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