[ODE] velocity constraints vs. acceleration constraints

Achim Moller netcom2002 at gmxpro.de
Mon Jan 10 10:53:27 MST 2005


I have some basic question about the pro and cons for using "position
constraints" vs. "velocity constraints" vs. "acceleration constraints".

>From the ODE joint creation docs and the ODE source, I think ODE is using a
"velocity constraint" representation (Right?).

Some other papers (e.g. thesis of Michael Cline) are talking about
"acceleration constraints".

Of course, "acceleration constraints" can be created from "velocity
constraints" by differentiating the vel. constraints again. But what are the
general pro and cons for driving a physics engine by either vel. or acc.
constraints? (Or even positional constraints?)

Thanks a lot for some thoughts about this.


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