[ODE] trimesh crash problem

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Jan 4 08:39:19 MST 2005

Do you delete the vertex array data after building the trimesh object? 
You shouldn't -- the trimesh object does not copy the data.

For better results in debugging, I suggest that you build ODE from source 
(or just include it in your project) and debug the actuall call stack 
when you crash; it'll show you what's going on.


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Hello, I have a simple scene with a groundPlane, box,
sphere and a car (4 spheres, 1 box) everything goes
ok, but then I tried to add a static mesh. when any
object touches the trimesh, the program crashes. It
happens in the callback, when calling dCollide with
the trimesh. 
I had tried copying the simple mesh of the ode example
(4 triangles) but with the same result. 
I work with MSVC 6, winXP, ode 0.5
(release-dll-trimesh). I tried with debug-dll-trimesh,
debug-trimesh and  ode-041110.tar.gz, but whit these
the program doesnt run. 
I will apreciate any clue. 

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