[ODE] Stabilization force

Anders Backman andersb at cs.umu.se
Sat Jan 1 22:54:20 MST 2005

sorry, forgot to specify a proper subject of my posting...

 Hi Im trying to add a stabilizer force to an object that I want to be
primarly upright, that is, it should be pretty hard to tilt over, a small
tilt angle should result that it "bounces back" to upright position...

I guess addTorque should work, the problem is how to calculate the torque
that I should apply...

Rotation around the object z-axis can be ignored, its just the x and y angle
that should be "corrected"...

Now where should I start?

I could calculate the euler angles from the objects matrix, and use that to
calculate the torque, but that only results in a really jerky behaviour,
what I need is something more damped...

Any ideas are welcome.

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