[ODE] Following camera

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 09:23:20 MST 2005

Rather than using that "end of the ray behind the player" point as a
hard position constraint for the camera, try thinking of it as a goal
of movement.  Implement the camera as a collidable body unaffected by
gravity - but with extreme movement dampening to avoid nasty "man hits
camera with bat and WHEEEEE off it goes" cases.

Now drive the camera towards your goal position and orientation with a
rudimentary AI, that observes certain max linear and rotational

If your camera can't find the goal position in under X time units,
warp it into position - if your camera is too far away, warp it into
position, or at least speed it up temporarily.  Etc.

-Megan Fox

> Hi.
> My game uses a camera that follows the playes (3rd
> person game).
> But it's little 'hard': the camera it's allway on the
> same position, relative to the player.
> It's possible to use joints to make the camera behave
> more "natural", like a rubber band?
> Thanks!
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