[ODE] Open Physics Abstraction Layer version 0.3.0

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Apr 21 12:56:35 MST 2005

How's this relate/compare to the efforts by John Ratcliff, Stan Melax 
and others at http://www.physicstools.org/ to produce the Open Dynamics 
Framework and the related tools and standardized data formats (physics 
extensions to Collada)?

  - Bruce

Tyler Streeter wrote:
> Open Physics Abstraction Layer is a library I've been working on for a
> few months with Andres Reinot and Alan Fischer.  The goal of the
> project is to make it easy for people to start using physics
> simulation in their applications by providing a simple interface over
> the top of existing physics engines (ODE only for now, but it could be
> extended to use others in the future).  It's mainly helpful for people
> getting started with physics that don't want/need to tweak tons of
> parameters.  It also provides a set of high-level constructs (various
> sensors and motors) for things like robotics simulations.
> I just posted a new version (0.3.0), including a source release and a
> precompiled win32 binary version.  Also included is a sample app that
> uses the Ogre rendering engine (www.ogre3d.org).
> If you're interested, read more details on the website (I have posted
> tutorials and full API documentation), and let me know what you think.
> http://opal.sourceforge.net

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