[ODE] newbie collision problems

Marco Grubert mgrubert at conitec.net
Tue Apr 19 17:01:10 MST 2005

<<   I am colliding simple tesselated boxes, trimeshes, but am getting poor 
results especially compared to the box geometry type.  I cam calling 
dCollide, have enabled temporal caching and am setting the last tranform 
using dGeomTriMeshDataSet().  I am doing 50 steps per frame with each frame 
1/24th of a second. Currently the bodies lock, wrestle and eventually 
separate if I use TriMesh representations. Any suggestions are 

That's the current state of affairs. You can use Trimeshes for static 
geometry, such as your level, but using it for bodies yields odd results. I 
have had slightly better results with a patched version of the ODE 0.3 
trimesh collider, but neither one is sufficiently stable.

- Marco Grubert 

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