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Mathematics in general, and ODE (as well as OpenGL), use right-
handed conventions. If you set your Z to point up, then you will 
get counter-clockwise rotation for positive velocities. The rule 
is that the axis is your thumb sticking out, and the rotation is 
the way your fingers bend -- right-handed.


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    Is there any reason why angular velocities seem to be the opposite of 
rotation angles? To state it less confusingly, I have an object starting 
at pos(0,0,0) and rotx =0, roty = 0, rotz =0. If I set the angular 
velocity around z to be a positive value, then as I look down at the 
object from above, it is actually rotating clockwise, not counterclockwise 
as I expect. But if I give the object a positive rotz value, it rotates 
counterclockwise for the given amount. Is there any convention in dynamics 
that leads to this? 



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