[ODE] Convex Geometry

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Tue Apr 12 13:12:41 MST 2005

The problem is, it costs $1K to use SOLID in a commercial (closed-source)
implementation.  SOLID was released under the standard GPL license (which is
about the lamest imaginable license for a leaf component, but oh, well.)

I was kind of irritated when I bought the van den Bergen book and discovered
that I couldn't use the code that came with it.  It is basically a $60
advertisement for his commercial library.


-- jm

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> Is there any way this can be made to cooperate with the ODE codebase's
> license, assuming you'd even be willing to release it?
> -Megan Fox
> > I have combined ODE with SOLID, which uses GJK. It works perfectly
> > well, although I have only the pentration depth to work with.
> >
> > A convex object is a convex set. And a convex set is defined as
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