[ODE] Building ODE

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Tue Apr 5 08:45:33 MST 2005

Ok, I have some questions about the building process.

First, is there someone actually using the Visual Source Safe 
information in the VC6 project?
it is sort annoying how it pops up all the time, why are there no 
solutions for VC7? I know it is a matter of importing the VC workspace, 
but it is just as simple as commiting a couple of .sln and .vcproj files 
into the CVS.

And for the meat of the email: Why is there no use of autotools? is the 
reason not to have it "because its ugly and messy" or something along 
those lines or is it just because no one has done it?

if the problem is the later I personally volunteer to write the 
autotools support for it.

I know that if it is not broken, dont fix it, but adding autotools 
should not really affect the current build process.


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