[ODE] TriMesh collisions

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Almost all these problems are related to errors in input 
data, parameters or usage. I've had the same problems when 
coming from scratch. The Trimesh <-> Anything Else code in 
ODE works quite reasonably (although it could always have 
some edges polished).

The Trimesh <-> Trimesh code is iffy, and the "straight" 
cylinder code (which is not in the mainline) generates 
spurious contacts from what I've heard, but neither of these 
are your problem.

Log the contacts you get, and the forces you apply, and 
you can probably figure out what's going wrong.


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I'm new to ODE. I need to work with TriMesh geoms but my preliminary tests
show very strange behavior. For example, my last test was a box geom falling
down to a box-shaped TriMesh geom (the simplest shape I could think of for a
TriMesh). Depending on the settings (gravity, timestep, etc.), the falling
box bounces wildly against the TriMesh, rests on the TriMesh and eventually
sinks through it or even ignores it completely.

I guess I could get around using primitives (boxes, spheres, etc.) instead
of TriMeshes for my moving objects, but using only primitives for my static
environment would limit my scenery too much.

Here's the question: Do you know if TriMesh-related code in ODE is in a
usable stage? Or should I avoid TriMeshes at all? By the way, I'm using ODE
0.5 but I can get the latest code from CVS if it helps.

Thanks in advance for any help!

--Arturo Colorado

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