[ODE] Another Cocoa port for Mac OS X

Shamyl Zakariya zakariya at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 19 13:40:06 MST 2003


In the interest of diversity, I've put up *another* cocoa port of ODE 
to go alongside Eric Vaughan's very similar work. You can basically 
just drop it into contrib/ and make a couple of changes to the OPCODE 
sources and it will build. Speaking of which, I'd like to talk with 
whomever is in charge to see about making changes to CVS -- to ensure 
continued building on OS X.

The difference between our two adaptations is that his has an 
integrated Quicktime recording mechanism (way cool!) whereas mine does 
OPCODE/Trimesh and builds into an embeddable framework.

So, if anybody's interested, the package below includes a project to 
build ODE+Trimesh under Mac OS X 10.3 (minimum, needs XCode) -- it also 
includes a Cocoa demo game/program I call "Cannonball!" (it's 
addictively stupid) where you build box stacks and shoot cannonnballs 
at them. It's actually the *first* ODE program I ever wrote, and is an 
obvious derivative of test_boxstack, but it's a good example of ODE + 
Cocoa integration, since there are complexities dealing with reserved 
keyword conflicts for objective-c.

The project:

A screenshot of cannonball:

Now, since people have been talking about their GA systems, and since 
Nate W's "Juice" has amazed me since day one, I want to show off what 
I've been up to:


It's not GA, it's more like a primitive attempt at those amazing robot 
insects Rodney Brooks made -- it's an adaptive feedback-based system 
using the emergent properties of a bunch of nodes which are each 
responsible for different aspects of the locomotive process. I've also 
made an inchworm (that works) and a single-legged hopper that 
consistently falls over after a dozen hops or so :P

Anyway, I want to thank the various people on this list who have helped 
me out in various ways. You're a great bunch of people!

shamyl zakariya :: somewhere, a dog barks

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