[ODE] More speed???

Michael Lacher michael.lacher at hlw.co.at
Wed Nov 19 09:39:32 MST 2003

Serge Kourdakov wrote:
> BTW found one article which seems quite intresting for possible future 
> researches in matrix optimizations...
> ( though might be wrong)  anyway...the link is
> http://graphics.cs.uiuc.edu/~nacarr/papers/UIUCDCS-R-2003-2328.pdf

Please don't.

While it may seem tempting to do such a thing, and also fast, i am sure,
you should consider that ODE is most likely used in combination with
some kind of graphical output, real-time output most of the time. And
even the smallest tampering with the current graphics device state
(texture changes, state changes, not to mention complete switching of
contexts between apps) would seriously disrupt any modern 3d engine
which would most likely result in more performance lost than gained overall.


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