[ODE] Simulating a semi truck.......

Ed Jones ed.jones at oracle.com
Wed Nov 12 20:30:21 MST 2003

'tis true, but actually there's only 10 wheels, each of the 'double' 
wheels is just one hinge2 / sphere.
Plus, if you've seen the game I'm aiming to remake you see that there's 
not a lot else going on.
I'm sure ODE can handle just 10 hinge2's a plane and a few boxes and balls!

But yeah, if you were doing some sort of Midtown Madness With Trucks, 
you might want to simplify things a bit.


DjArcas wrote:

>I'm thinking that 18 actual physics wheels and associated suspension would
>be kinda expensive - you only really need 6, and the rest could be graphics
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>>Here's what I did;
>>Take the ubiquitous buggy example.
>>Give it an extra steering wheel at the front, very few semi-trucks are
>>Create another buggy without any front wheels.
>>Attach the second buggy to the first, probably with a ball-joint.
>>Make sure any 'power' just goes to the back wheels of the first buggy.
>>Spookily enough, there's kind of an example of this here;
>>    http://ed-jones.members.beeb.net/index.html?p=truckoff.html
>>The cyan buggy is the 'tractor' and the magenta one's the 'trailer',
>>they are connected together, but you can't really see that in the
>>The yellow block is a ramp to drive over for added 'excitement'.
>>I've got a better example of this somewhere with a proper textured 3d
>>truck and trailer, as well as decent collision proxies and extra wheels,
>>so it's a proper 18-wheeler.
>>I'll try and dig it out if you like?
>>Hope that's useful.
>>Sandeep KL wrote:
>>>I am trying to implement a semi truck........using ode......how do i
>>>go about doing so?
>>>it looks something like this........
>>>   ___     ______________
>>>_/     |__|                       |
>>>|____ |   |_____________|
>>> O            O                 O
>>>How do i go about assembling this in ODE???
>>>Thanks in advance,
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