[ODE] Octtree full with vbuffers and ODE

Roel van Dijk R.vanDijk at rad.umcn.nl
Wed Nov 12 12:03:58 MST 2003

On Wednesday 12 November 2003 10:45, Ned Nik wrote:
> 1. What method.....
You can increase the stack size with the compiler. But it also depends on your 
operating system.
With 250+ objects you could make each object 'scan' its environment for 
triangles and only check for collisions with those triangles. I believe 
someone on this list has already done something like that. 
I have a similar problem because my world uses LOD algorithms to create the 
triangles so there are a lot of triangles and they keep changing a lot. I 
solved (am solving) it by creating a special geom for my world, but that's 
not always an option.

> 2. How can I know when a object its in a "resting/sleeping" state ?
int dBodyIsEnabled (dBodyID);

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