[ODE] [OT] ODE products ready for distribution

Szabo Gabor uchimata at t-online.hu
Wed Mar 21 04:18:44 MST 2007

Hi Folks,

I'm following the different topics here in the list, and I wonder if 
there are any existing ODE product waiting for a possibility for 
distribution. I wouldn't like to write spam, so this is the only mail 
about this topic (except lots of people would like the details here). 
People are interested can find me in a private mail. Thanks for your 

We have started an e-Business solution, and we would like to support 
people who don't know where to distribute their product, implying the 
freeware and commercial softwares as well. Several categories are 
acceptable: games, user applications (utility, tool, designer apps), 
e-Books (science docs, polite letters, etc), others. If you have 
something to distribute or have any questions, please drop me a line to 
the following address:

  gabor.szabo at gentrixintermedia.com

We have a little freeware racing game in the store, so you can have a 
try and test some functions by installing it. Again, thanks for your 
patience and waiting for your mails.


  Gábor Szabó

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