[ODE] box vs xxxx colliders

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Mon Mar 12 16:19:01 MST 2007

I've a question about 'box'/xxxx coliders :
when i put a box on a static box, the geometry penetrates for 1 or 2
milimeters inside the static box (within 10 or 20 steps ) and then is
ejected : that cause something on a box is not really stable.
It's the same thing with a cylinder on the flat side : it penetrates a
little then is ejected and re-penetrates etc .....
It's very curious because the same test(s) on a plane does not produces
thoses 'vibrations'.
You can see video (static box and a cylinder) on
> http://files.marilou-roboticsstudio.com/ode/staticbox_cylinder.avi
>  (2mo)
It's the same if box is not static ...
I've tested from 0.01 to 0.001 timestep,  with geoms about 10 cm2 with mass
about 0,1 to 1 kg.
Someone know how to resolve that ?
Thank you very much.
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