[ODE] Exception Handling

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Jan 28 17:13:13 MST 2007

You can throw an exception inside ODE, as long as you catch it before it 
leaves the API. You can catch it and return an error status, for example.

Note that not all errors are fixable, so blindly subdividing and 
re-trying is probably not appropriate behavior.


          / h+

Bill Sellers wrote:
> I'm certainly interested in putting some sort of error handling into  
> ODE so that I can trap simulation errors at runtime. This would mean  
> probably rerunning the simulation with a smaller integration step, or  
> perhaps fiddling with ERP values as suggested. I imagine that C++  
> style exceptions would break if anyone was using the C interface, so  
> what are the other options? I can imagine having a global error  
> variable that gets set to a value indicating what sort of error has  
> been generated and that this could be queried if wanted after each  
> WorldStep or whatever. However I imagine there are other options? Any  
> suggestions?
> Cheers
> Bill

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