[ODE] Rendering

Daniel K. O. danielko.listas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 17:11:03 MST 2007

Szabo Gabor escreveu:
> People use to talk about Irrlicht (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/)
> ;)

I've used Irrlicht in the past; there are at least 2 downsides:

- The API is weird sometimes, obliging you to use euler angles instead
of matrices and quaternions.
- It's hard to spread the word to your friends when you pronounce it
correctly. ("Ir-what?") :)

But my last experience with it was almost a year ago, there's a chance
they fixed the API problems.

The good thing it's very easy to build, so you can (if you have the
time) easily patch, extend, etc. Compare to the beast (pun intended)
that is Ogre, which I was never able to build even the dependencies.
(because every single version of them seem to be broken on anything
that is not a MS compiler) :)

Daniel K. O.

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