[ODE] correctly using dContactGeom structur

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sat Sep 30 10:07:43 MST 2006

I believe "pos" is intended to be the point where the deepest 
penetration (along the normal) intersects the penetrated object. 
However, I haven't seen this documented anywhere, so it could be wrong.


          / h+

Christoph Beyer wrote:
> Well, i will ignore 'side1' and 'side2'.
> there is still one question open:
> the penetration is always a volume, so is 'pos' the middle of the penetration
>     something else?
> i tested it and it works well in all penetration-pos methods,
> i think it is not very important for accuracy,
> but if i know the intended use, i can improve the accuracy
> a little bit. 
> thanks
> chris
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