[ODE] Segfaulting ODE with too many objects -- ALLOC vs MALLOC

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 08:21:40 MST 2006

On 9/28/06, Tanguy Fautre <tanguy.fautre at spaceapplications.com> wrote:
> Already implemented a long time ago (was already there in 0.5). See
> dUSE_MALLOC_FOR_ALLOCA compilation flag.

Ah, thank you. I don't think this option is exposed by either of the
build systems though, I will look into adding it to the premake build.
Should we consider changing the default to use malloc? And then
document the alloca option as "this will make your code faster but
your stack may overflow on large systems"?

I'm not at all familiar with this code, I need to dig around some more
(I'm getting there, gradually). Is it possible for ODE to detect a too
large system and switch to malloc on the fly, or is that just crazy


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