[ODE] MinGW or MS Vsiual Studio Express 2005?

Thomas Paviot thomas.paviot at free.fr
Wed Sep 27 05:43:42 MST 2006


My post is made of two questions:

* what is the best tool to build ode under Windows platforms? I use to 
build ode with Mingw. Do some ode users have experience about concurrent 
use of Mingw and MSVC?
* I installed MS Visual Studio Express 2005 and i encounter 2 errors 
while building ode:

c:\developpement\decade\librairies\ode\ode\src\error.cpp(128) : fatal 
error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'windows.h': No such file or 
c:\developpement\decade\librairies\ode\ode\src\joint.cpp(3051) : error 
C2065: 'dJointTypeRP' : undeclared identifier

Any idea?


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