[ODE] small sized capsule on heightmap problem

rod rodkay at mullum.com.au
Tue Sep 26 01:25:29 MST 2006


   I have a dog made of capsules and a heightmap terrain. All the dogs parts 
collide ok with the terrain except for the tail tip, which is smallest in 
radius (0.03, although 0.05 seems ok). The tail tip collides poorly with the 
terrain ... it acts like the terrain is liquid and the tail tip is buoyant 
(ie floats or jiggles just beneath the terrain surface). 

   Maybe we could turn it into a new 'liquids' feature ... ;).

   Seriously though, has anyone else seen this behaviour ? All other capsules 
work perfectly with the terrain. Radius seems the only difference. Oh, and 
I'm using svn from about a month ago, with double-precision and no debug, if 
it matters.

   Thanks for any advice ...



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