[ODE] cylinder plane bug

LR logreg at free.fr
Tue Sep 19 07:51:47 MST 2006

 I don't know if it can help but :

- cylinder/plane is ok when encapsulated in a transform geom ...

- the only bad thing i found encapsulating cylinder inside a transform geom
is that sphere/cylinder colide is not good ... Bad contacts points when
cylinder rotation is not ID


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> I find one bug in cylinder vs plane collide.
> www.klinik.frehost.pl/filmiki/cylinder_plane_bug.avi
> this is hapend when center of bottom disk intersect a plane.
> I fixed this bug, but a think that problem is in isect_disc_plane(...) 
> or in isect_plane_plane(...)

Hi, thanks for your fix. To test I hacked test_boxstack to limit the object
count to 5, set the gravity from 0.5 to 5.0 and hit 'y' for a bit. The lack
of cyl-cyl made this job a lot easier :-)

It seems that although it generally works most of the time - there's a
problem when the cylinder hits the plane on a corner at around 45 degrees.
It acts like there's a 'hole' there which causes the cylinder to fall
through the plane a fair amount.

With this fix in place this falling is limited but still wrong - without it
though, I've seen them fall forever :-(

Bram, how can we fix this? :-)

ps. This was in a vs2005 Single build.

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