[ODE] minor issues with ode 0.7

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 18 02:47:57 MST 2006

> * fix_dTRIMESH_ENABLED_undef.diff:
> if ./configure is called with --disable-opcode, heightfield.cpp failed to build.

I'm submitted a fix for this, thanks for drawing it to my attention!

SVN #1078 : Fix for dTRIMESH_ENABLED support to allow "#define
dTRIMESH_ENABLED 0" to disable trimesh operation correctly. NOTE:
"#define dTRIMESH_ENABLED" is no longer supported, you must use
"#define dTRIMESH_ENABLED 1" to use trimeshes, as per the default
config file.


ps. I've not looked at the other issue regarding the 'DESTDIR'
variable, so that is still an open problem.

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