[ODE] Joints and Friction

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Fri Sep 15 02:24:25 MST 2006

Daniel Huser wrote:
> Can anyone confirm that AngularMotors are the way to go to avoid 
> unrealistic, neverending movement?

Yep.. they work pretty well.
Just set desired_vel to 0.0, and set a low FMax.

It creates a pretty good illusion of friction on a rotating shaft.


> -Daniel
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> *From:* Daniel Huser
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> *Subject:* [ODE] Joints and Friction
> Let's assume I attach a body to a ball-joint that is attached to a 
> static point.
> When i excert some force to the body to make it move, it just keeps 
> swinging around pretty much forever.
> The only way I've found so far, to actually make it come to a halt 
> again, is to actually attach a angularMotor with velocity 0. Is that the 
> way to go?
> Isn't there a way to actually add something like Fricition to a joint, 
> so we'd lose energy over time, like in reality?
> -Daniel 
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