[ODE] Performance question

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Sep 14 22:12:36 MST 2006

STenyaK (Bruno Gonzalez) wrote:

>> Is this in release mode or debug mode?

> Debug mode.

So why are you worrying about performance?

Always profile the release mode build.

>> How big is your step size?

> Doesn't matter for this problem (the problem happens indepndently of 
> step size), but i'm currently running physics at 300Hz.

Do you think I'd ask if there weren't cases where it matters? If your 
step size is 300 Hz, then your graphics code (that might use whatever 
time is left over) likely very sensitive to small variations in step time.

>> If you run a profiler on the program while it's getting 1-4 fps, where 
>> does it say you're spending your time?

> Running a profiler takes too much cpu time (simulation can't run 
> realtime, so graphics are not rendered anymore, and there are more side 

Huh? Neither "oprofile" nor CodeAnalyst nor VTune take more CPU than, 
say, a sound card driver would, so not profiling when you're having a 
performance problem is about as useful as profiling the debug build.


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