[ODE] rotation questions

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Sep 14 13:18:24 MST 2006

Just apply elementary 3D geometry math: transform your applied force 
vector by the rotation matrix of the object before applying it.

Or use dBodyAddRelForce() (or whatever that function is called -- very 
similar to that name)


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Lubomir Kazasov wrote:
> hi all,
> i have a body  in the space that moves in all directions using a keyboard 
> input. so it can move forwards,backwards, left, right, up and down.
> every time when i press a key, the body is moving in the wished direction 
> and te movement is a result of applying forces on the center of mass
> now i'm adding also rotatition using keyboard inputs. i want that when i 
> rotate the body (for example: 30 degrees to the left), the new forward 
> direction
> is also changing, so that when i move the body forwards ,it moves on axis 
> that is 30 degrees to the left also. for example, if you have an airplane 
> that moves
> forwards and rotate the airplane with 30 degrees to the left on z-axis 
> (x,y,z-coord system with z showing up), the plane is still movig forwards 
> but in the new
> direction. how can i make something like this.
> thanks ! 
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