[ODE] cylinder geom problem (ODE INTERNAL ERROR 1)

Pavel Mach xreg at centrum.cz
Mon Sep 11 13:58:49 MST 2006

It worked,
I had max_contacts set to 4, when I set it to 8, it works, but sometimes 
it crashes again - when cylinder colide with the ground (plane) exactly 
with it's flat end. When set to 16, it looks like it could work forever 
:-) . And about he Index and Flags values - I don't know how to get this 
values :-/

Thank you.

David Walters napsal(a):
> This assert appears to be triggered by there not being enough (or
> zero) free slots in the contact array you pass to dCollide. Try
> raising the number of max_contacts to something like 8/16
> What are the values of 'Flags' and 'Index' when this assert is 
> triggered btw?
> HTH,
> Dave

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