[ODE] cylinder geom problem (ODE INTERNAL ERROR 1)

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 11 05:22:16 MST 2006

This assert appears to be triggered by there not being enough (or
zero) free slots in the contact array you pass to dCollide. Try
raising the number of max_contacts to something like 8/16

What are the values of 'Flags' and 'Index' when this assert is triggered btw?


> Hello,
> I am new here now, so I hope there hasn't been this question yet, but I
> searched archive few monthts back and there is no thread with subject
> "cylinder" there, so my question:
>  I have a simple simulation - just a plane like a ground, and one object
> -a capsule above it and let it simply fall down to the ground. That
> works fine, but when a create cylinder instead of the capsule (I just
> replace the dCreateCapsule for dCreateCylinder, when cylinder touches
> the ground the simulation crashes and this message box is shown:
> http://www.xtopi.com/ode/msgbox1.jpg. So please, can somebody help me? I
> am not able to find a bug in my code :-/ and maybe somebody will help me
> with what the message box is telling me :). And only cylinder geom does
> it, no other geoms.

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