[ODE] Multiple Queries

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Thu Sep 7 09:57:26 MST 2006


> hi there, 
> 1)is it possible to limit the angle to which 2 bodies connected through a ball
> & socket joint can rotate about that joint.
I think you will need to add a Amotor but I never used that so I can't 
say much here.
> 2) also wanted to know is it is possible to set material properties of
> differnt materials in ode, like if i want to set its elasticity or strength of
> the material and stuff. I am aware we are able to set density . but is there
> any other options. 
If you have contact between 2 bodies there is a contact joint created 
and you can specify the
friction parameter and the erp and cfm (which can be used to simulate 
different elasticity)

> 3)Also wanted to know while trying, if only one object is required to be used
> instead of multiple bodies(like chain links)
> then, will it be possible to destroy this single body and create another one
> of increased length at the runtime if i am aiming to create a increasing
> length rope. 


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