[ODE] Multiple Queries

achaudhry achaudhry at ariworld.com
Thu Sep 7 07:15:25 MST 2006

hi there, 

1)is it possible to limit the angle to which 2 bodies connected through a ball
& socket joint can rotate about that joint.

2) also wanted to know is it is possible to set material properties of
differnt materials in ode, like if i want to set its elasticity or strength of
the material and stuff. I am aware we are able to set density . but is there
any other options. 

3)Also wanted to know while trying, if only one object is required to be used
instead of multiple bodies(like chain links)
then, will it be possible to destroy this single body and create another one
of increased length at the runtime if i am aiming to create a increasing
length rope. 

Please help, 

Thanks in advance, 

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