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I'm doing a similar thing in Linux and OSX, that is, compiling from source
and linking in statically, and mine works fine.  The file OPC_Common.h
should only be included from Opcode.h as it looks like from my copy here,
and at that point in the file (Opcode.h) it has already included
OPC_IceHook.h, which includes files that define among other things,
"Point".  You should look to see where you're including OPC_Common.h from,
because there is an order to what includes must precede it.  And I would
assume if you need some OPCODE access externally to OPCODE or ODE, including
"Opcode.h" would probably be easier.


On 9/2/06, Jon Watte (ODE) <hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org> wrote:
> I believe it uses pre-compiled headers.
> However, if you build ODE as a DLL, you will still get source-level
> debugging, as long as the PDB file is accessible to the debugger
> (assuming you're on Windows). In fact, DLL building is often better than
> static inclusion, because you can edit-and-continue a DLL, but not a
> "regular" library.
> Cheers,
>              / h+
> Wesley Smith wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've been using ODE for some time now and am just starting to use
> > OPCODE.  I'm building a framework on OSX that uses ODE w/ OPCODE as
> > part of a larger project.  I want to be able to do source level
> > debugging, so I'm including the source files directly into the project
> > as opposed to including a pre-built library.
> >
> > In doing this, I'm running into trouble trying to get OPCODE to
> > compile.  In OPC_Common.h, I'm getting 'Point' has not been declared
> > errors.  In looking at the file, it's pretty clear that Point isn't
> > defined in there and there are no other include files that it would be
> > defined in.  However, when I run ./configure and make from the command
> > line, it has no problem building.  I wasn't able to decipher the build
> > commands that the makefile spit out, so I'm wondering if someone has
> > any insight here.  How does OPC_Common.h get a definition of Point
> > when it's build from the command line?
> >
> > thanks,
> > wes
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