[ODE] help in Get functions

Vast vasko.tim at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 18:33:36 MST 2006

Hey there. Let me put it like this, ODE will not function properly to it's
full extent, if the programs you write don't utilize it properly. Therefore,
you should try to write a complete simulation and then see if the error
persists. Perhaps before querrying the information you're trying to get, ODE
may need to further initialize it through other parameters?

"All i did was to make a very small program to show my problem. It doesn't
mean this is the problem i am solving. " - please reread what you said, it
doesn't make much sense to me. Try to write a program that has a direct
relationship to the problem you are trying to solve, otherwise you can't
expect anyone to really help you. And while you're writing the program,
please write it completely, because things you don't think should do
anything with certain parameters may very well influence them dramatically.

Try again.

- Tim
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